Tuesday, July 9, 2013

GOOD OLD Days Relived in five hours in InddiB’s Ambi Pur #FreshNHappy Meet.

It was the first time I registered myself for IndiB meet which was organized on 7th of July, 2013 at Hayatt Regency, New Delhi. Confusion struck the mind as to attend the meet or not? Is this actually a meet for the bloggers or just gonna be a promotional stunt by Ambi Pur (am being frank with my thoughts)? It was like going in a conference where you don’t know anyone. Then I decided to go ahead for the meet with the hope of making new friends and interacting with intellectuals.

First sight of the meet
Packed lobby, many people from all the age groups were around. Being a bit hungry my focus went towards food (snacks). As it goes “pehle pet pooja baad me koi kaam duja”, attack….!! Treating the hunger for food first also saved me from the jam packed entry gate. By the time I finished almost all were settled.
Such a huge gathering, charged environment people are chatting as if they know each other since quite long. Then the orator addressed the gathering. Such an energetic person, refine with words and witty.  He kept all activated and involved throughout.

Show Begins
Meet took off with the a little neck exercise (it reminded me of my Karate classes), and the step would have been a better step if I had long hair. It’s a good way to recharge and energize all. Now the environment in the room is heated.

Introduction time came and many got the chance to introduce them, I was amongst those lucky persons. They were really amazing moments when I discovered how much people are doing for their society and their dreams. After listening to them, I truly felt that there is more which can be done by me as well. Such volunteers and bloggers were duly acknowledged and appreciated by all. And it is needless to mention that all are doing great job.
During the Show
Specific bloggers like tech bloggers, fashion bloggers, young bloggers (as young as 11 years) interacted during the session which is really the source of inspiration. Learning grows with interaction and communicating, this is what I always hear from intellectuals and this is what I realized on that day.
Power of pen is the strongest power and all the bloggers are very well enriching their strength by regular practice (writing and blogging).

It would be very difficult to express in words the experience of those 5 hours; however, in a nutshell I can say that all those golden moments from our school days and college days filled with energy, friends were re lived by all of us in that limited time.

ü  Made new friends
ü  Learned while enjoying
ü  Learning interactions
ü  Inspiration from social volunteers
ü  Played a role in a small skit play (as a part of the activity)- as I used to during school days.

Vote of Thanks
One thing for which I complement IndiB and Ambi Pur is that they actually and truly distributed precious prizes and gifts unlike many who only claim. Hats off to the great organizers. I also happen to discovered about the product Ambi Pur that it is a better product than its competitors, which otherwise given the medical history of sinus I would have been reluctant to use.
Thank You IndiB and Ambi Pur for such a lovely day!
Unlimited Funnn within a limited time..!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Very recently there was a ghost haunting Indian students and society and its that of
"Reservation polices"
where reservation has been guaranteed by the Indian Constitution to certain factions of Indian society.

I would like to bring to everyones notice that the reservation in India was initially brought in for 10 years expiring in 1960.Later on it was retrospectively amended and made for 60 years expiring in 2010, the year which has just passed.

No one knows that in which session it was again renewed and for how long. No media brought this issue to light.

There is a condition in our constitution that it shall be given effect without adversely effecting the efficiency and now everyone knows that what is the level of efficiency in administration of our country.

Now I would suggest a policy which could have been and can now even be adopted by the government.


Handsome unemployment allowance should be awarded to unemployed persons in the country.

Now the question arises that what is "Handsome allowance". It should be decided by the authority based on the interview taken of the person under question. And calculating what the suitable govt department or private sector shall offer him. Now taking the higher of the above and inflating it with further 10%.

My point on being harsh on this calculation is that the welfare govt should do what it is supposed to do.


1) Govt will keep the population under control so as to not to get force which have no work to do.

2) Govt will ensure that enough employment has been generated so as not to burdened itself with higher amount of Unemployment allowance.

3) Govt shall keep track and calculate accurately the kind of professionals required in future so that it don't falls short of required workforce.


As per me this policy would have given the people and the govt proper environment and targets to improve the economy with greater efficiency without burdening or playing politics on the structure of our society.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


In the very recent past, so recent that its not even right to call it a past, our nation, biggest democratic sovereign of the earth (keeping in view that there might be other planets supporting life and nations there in our universe) hosted 19th commonwealth games. Delhi- THE CAPITAL was the obliged city to be the host of these games.

Lots of hue and cry were there regarding quality of work, then completion of work and now relating to the alleged corruption in its complete management and organisation.

No one knows the complete truth. who is and who is not involved.

However my topic is not regarding what everybody is talking about i.e. above mentioned issues. My issue is different. Its something which might have been overlooked or even one which has not been given any thought by the media, or govt., or subjects.

Lets take off with the matter now;

The meaning of commonwealth nation means a nation which is a part of common wealth of it parent or governing nation. As it was named to mean during the times of colonization.

In Hindi we call it "Rashtramandal Desh" which means part of group of nations governed by one king.

My question is : Is India still the part of British empire as it was decades before???

If yes, then we are not a Sovereign and my objection along with my blog ends here.

And if No, then I carry on and asks why are we part of this games group which still represent and reminds us that we were ruled by a foreign nation at times.

COMMONWEALTH, which still regard the British Queen as chief guest, as the one who takes off the games by starting the "Queen's baton". She is the one who inaugurates the games.

I am not against the games, i am against the thinking, feelings and intentions behind the games. It still reminds us of imperialism. Our history has been tampered with by the British historians and politicians just to show that we were never a greater nation than their's. Then why are we not understanding the fact that now we are ourself spoiling the future's history and certifying it by being part of this group and not letting past to be forgotten.

I hold a strong view that now we should overcome the wounds of past by not refreshing them by celebrating such events. And spending on such useless activities and giving way to corruption, rather we should spend it on productive activities and generating long term permanent employment.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


World has visited many recessions and has seen 2 great depressions. One in 1873 and the other one soon after the 1st world war i.e. in 1929.

These great depressions had something in common. they both were led by decreasing buying power, excess supply further leading to shut down of industries, featuring DEFLATION landing into a vicious circle of depression,

no Jobs then no money in the hands of people. then low purchasing power. No purchasing power, so no demand of goods available in huge supply, leading to loss of job of masses, leading to shut down of industries.

World learned a lot from these two Grear Depressions.

Now came same situations in the year 2008. As Govts of different economies has lessons from history, they took measures to deal with them.

They succeeded in stopping the Depression led by deflation.

Now I fear, new history will be written. There will be a Great Depression in the world, led by INFLATION.

To combat deflationary trend of recession, all over the world fiscal deficit was allowed to grow wild. It is being financed by printing new currency. These additional currency was printed without any value addition to the real growth. However, in short term this effectively helped the world from drowning.

Now, as every economic and non economic activity has its own effects.

This additional currency will lead to chasing of a few goods by more money i.e. in simple words inflation.

Things will come to stand still, real worth of money will be lost, there might even be situations of anarchy in many states. Leading to Investments loosing its worth, supply seems to decrease further. Jobs will also go out of hands. hence Demand will decrease, leading to another trap in vicious circle.

Thats what I am looking in near future. Ans I am sure this is onlly lined up. As per me this inflation will be lead by auto sector and related sector (like oil and gas).

The increase in prices is due to increase in income levels and simultaneously output of any sector haven't increased. If any sector could have grown at the same pace or even higher (leaving other sectors unattended) then there should have been a sector in the economy who must not b visiting inflation and in 2nd case could have been witnessing deflation.

So it is very clear from the above discussion that this increase in income is due to excess money printing leading to fall in its value.

Given the rising inflation equilibrium is far from here due to fall in supply increase in demand and change in other economic and non economic factors like poor administration, increasing HOT money, decreasing level of self sufficiency, increase in imports, Govt policies among many others.

Market knows how to attain the equilibrium leaving everything behind!

Get Set!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Being Alone, is the Biggest FEAR of all!!

When a baby born, he enters the world all alone [except twins and other multiples ;)]. Then slowly he is made social being. 1st of all he is introduced to his parents. A child is very innocent, pure and has no fears.

But, unknowingly he is living and growing with a fear of being alone. I can cite an example, when he is into sound deep sleep he suddenly wakes up and cries loudly b'coz he feels he has been left alone and on being pampered he calms down and gets back to usual smiling face!

Its a fear which we are not ready to accept. We all feel that we are very strong persons and can live alone. But the fact is we are

afraid of being alone!!

The fact is that people come and go in one's life, no one stays forever. its just like a river which is like our life and water in it are the people which keep coming and going, no matter what!

We meet new people for 1 day, 15 days, years etc..! This new group of people becomes our comfort zone. Which we are not ready to forgo so easily.

Now starts the trouble. We get emotionally attach. We are not ready to accept that we have to move away on our directions sooner or later. However everyone comes out f it as the memories start to fade in ones mind.

My learning from Life

people come in your life to play their part in story of your life. It may be parents, friends, siblings, peers, strangers etc.

Life doesn't stop just because any Person (how important he/she may be in your life) is no more in your life. Its we who have to cover the vacuum created by the absence of that person, assume our increased responsibilities.

Life seems to be very harsh at times but it has a hidden lesson behind every move.

I am not saying that one should not be emotional or should not value someone or anyone, I am just conveying that one should be bold enough to let new people to enter into your life with warm welcome and keeping the memories of old friends, relatives etc in heart as souvenirs!

Thats how one can cherish every moment of his/her life!!

Final Word

Move on in Life with sweet memories of past life!! And don't be alone!

Cheerrrsss to life!!

Monday, June 14, 2010


There was an obligation to be met in order to get close to my CA (Chartered Accountant) degree and that was a (long) 15 days classes (I rightly stated classes).

Lectures on GMCS : General Management and communication Skills.


On 28th May, 2010 I got ready for another set of classes, without any willingness to attend them.

Day started, reached Shah auditorium (kashmiri gate, Delhi) dressed in formals. Class was packed with other CA students. I thought its a class of other 62 boring people like me. Day moves on, made a few friends. Serious topic on Communication was being discussed. I thought,

What can be more boring than this?

Introduction part began, started to know other batch mates.

Came Day 2, when Mr Kamal Garg (a Faculty) came. He played an important role in integration of our batch. Also he took hesitation and fear of new people out of our heart and mind. And Our batch turned into

A batch of friends..!!

Things didn't remained as they were. They changed forever. Then these unknown faces became my best pals..! And these 15 days were no longer Long ones but they were as short as just 15 seconds.

I never thought that i'll get such a beautiful friendship that too in bulk.

Nick names started to crop in.

I was named as Wakil saab then promoted to kanun ki devi!
Pratik became cutue (Q2),
Jatin was changed to Dropti,
Akhil gained charm as Lolita,
Vikas became chacha,
Roopali became our maate,
Nitin bansal became Bhediya,
Neeraj became child labour then CJ
Sashi named as Mamaji
Varun was promoted to be an HR manager,
Abhinandan became ChiChi,
Akki became CC,
among others.

Even certain rarely found photographs of men's washroom were also clicked with full enthusiasm by all the participants including Mr Ravish (our Faculty). ;)
In totality more than 3000 photographs were clicked in these 15 days of classes.

Every day started, continued and ended in full fun and enjoyment.

We developed such a great sense of understanding and unity that we together protested for keeping a class on Sunday, by wearing casuals in the Session

These veeerrryyy short 15 days are one of my most precious moments of my life.

what an irony,

God make us meet strangers, give us time to Understand each other. Build up beautiful memories.


when you are no more just strangers then you are torn apart and are only left with Sweet memories, so that you can feel yourself in crowd when you are all alone!

A few hangouts, total Fun in class, during Lunch, also with a Cutie Cat (near lunch table) who used to wait for us so that she also gets her meal for the time.

These small things became part of my life only for 15 days. But its impression is going to last forever.

We ended our classes with a rocking and floor braking party on 13th June, 2010 but started an all new chapter of our ever lasting friendship.

how short the meeting was, how deep impact it had,
how strangers we were all how friendly we turned,
how lovely relation we all had, how it turned unique,
Its not only a hope but a firm belief that this friendship is here to stay and grow...
No other option given to it!

These 15 days deserves the tag of "once in a lifetime".......

3 cheers to GMCS 276

Hip Hip Hurrey,
Hip Hip Hurrey,
Hip Hip Hurrey!!


And life continues!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009


IT was my first trip to city with the shores. So obviously I had to b excited. It was 29Th October, 2008 we landed in Goa. Went to the resort, things were as normal as they could have been.

On 3oTh October we went to Baga beach. There i enjoyed riding water scooter. That was awesome experience! Then I with my mom and my little nephew went for a ride in a boat, on our leisure ride suddenly a huge tide came on to the boat and over us and we were left drenched. Mother and My nephew got frightened, but I enjoyed the whole incident.

However, a question popped into my mind:


Its 31st October now.
Things were again normal. We went to Calangut beach for enjoying more of water sports. Calangut Beach was a big beach and was looking like a huge mouth of a Giant evil who is hungry. There we had Para gliding above sea water, Dolphin Safari, and a few more.
I met a foreigner there, he suggested me to go for "BANANA RIDE". Though there were few people going for it. Its a ride in which a boat in banana shape is tied behind the motor boat and people are made to sit on the banana boat and then they take you into the sea at a distance from the beach. There the guys are supposed to tilt the banana boat and put the people sitting on banana boat into the water. For the safety purpose they tie life jackets also.

I was of the opinion that the guys accompanying along are trained professionals and they will jump into the water to rescue.

Somehow I convinced my mother and got the permission for the ride. me and my brother-in-law went for the adventurous trip. I was more than excited for something like this.

While on our way into the sea, there was so much noise of fast blowing air,
motor boat, people, tides on the water and lots..
Now the time came

They stopped the boat, tilt the banana boat and let us into the water.

The moment my head went below the water surface the whole bunch of noises
went missing. There was just 1 sound "SSHHH.." after that there was no sound, no air no people nothing.. just I and the green sea water. All i could heard is a strange sound coming from my neck when i was trying to breathAdd Image and was taking in water instead of air.
I went 7-8 feet down into the water.
I don't know how to swim, neither I am aware of much safety measures in a situation like this. Then I float my body so that water push me to the surface and raised my arm so that I can be located easily.
It took my fingers 60-65 seconds to cross the water and appear out of the surface.
Then slowly my head came out. and i discovered that none of the guys accompanying us bothered to step into the sea to locate us. Suddenly I myself climbed into the motor boat. And first thing I heard from those people is


My brother-in-law was still missing. i located him and gave him my hand and pull him into the boat. I found that his life jacket was open. That means it wasn't properly tied up.

They took us back to the beach. There I discovered that my sister and mother were frightened, s they were spectators to whole incident and they were telling that the normal time to come out of the sea in other cases is 15-20 seconds.

But now when I think of this incident i feel adventurous and it fill me with lot of energy. Though my mother is strictly against mine going for such sports, but I'll still go again for it,
this time with full preparation, i.e.
after learning swimming!